Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all games developed by Simdin and the Simdin Internet website. We provide this document to explain what kind of data we collect in our games and\or our websites and to describe why we do it. The document provides also some additional information related to the privacy matters. By using and\or accessing our games and websites you acknowledge, that you accept the details and rules explained in the Privacy Policy.

What information we collect?

We collect some personal and non-personal data, and we do so with the help of third party partners frameworks\tools, which are embedded in our games. In order to find detailed privacy policies as regards those frameworks, please look at the following partners websites (we provide below only some basic, exemplary information):

Google Firebase
May collect i.e. IP address, device type being used, its environment details (operation system, screen resolution etc.) and some performance statistics. We collect also diagnostic data related to the games themselves, i.e. screens being viewed, errors reported and other parameters. Data being collected by Google Firebase is being send and stored in external servers.

Google Play

amongst others including:
Google Play Game Services (,
Google AdMob (,
Google Play Billing (,
Google Analytics (,

may collect data like your Google Play Games account details like name, nick-name, your game achievements, game progress, purchased in-app assets, data needed to present advertisements etc.

In addition

to the above our games themselves may collect some configuration data and store locally on your device. This data is being solely use to save your game progress, accomplished missions, possessed in-game assets etc. Those configuration files do not store any personal data (name, nick-name etc.)

Why we collect and process that data?

The data we collected, mentioned above we use only to increase your gameplay experiences and ensure we provide quality product. It is needed to correctly manage your Google Play Games account, manage in-game assets, perform in-app payments, present in-pp advertisements, manage your leaderboards, your game progress etc. Some data is used to diagnose any actual or potential problems our users may encounter during the gameplay and – if needed – provide solutions and fixes as soon as possible.

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