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Simdin Games

I am Michael, a solo “indie” developer behind Simdin Games. I created and released my first Android game, Desperate Defence, back in 2019. Little Journeys  is the newest one released in 2022.

As a teenager, when I first saw and used a PC, I dreamed about becoming a game designer. Many, many years later, working professionally in IT, I realized it may be a good time to forge the dream into something more tangible. This is how I started Simdin Games. It gives me so much fun and satisfaction!

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Little Journeys (2022)

Little Journeys is a casual, action/ arcade game with a 3D low-poly graphics and physics engine behind. With a simple two-finger touch control, the player flies a blimp with the task of transporting passengers here and there. There are dozens of fairly short missions grouped into levels. Each mission map is designed from scratch. There are a number of customizations, trophies, and challenges included. The game is free to play.

LLittle Journeys, in short, is a fantastic blend of two aspects. One, the zen feeling and serenity of flying freedom. Two, the great challenge of piloting an unusual aircraft.

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Desperate Defence (2019)

Desperate Defense is a classical top-view 2D shooter. Player controls a combat rover called AVARC-1 sent to defeat enemies as they plan to invade the Earth. You can play on three different planets (levels): OchreIndigo and Malachite, each containing twenty missions. Different planets have different look and feel, as well as unique enemy units. Player has at his disposal multiple secondary tactical weapons and power-ups. It is possible to upgrade weapons and defense equipment. The game is free to play.