Desperate Defence

‘Desperate Defense’ is a free to play combat Android game.

Fight for the Earth! Visit hostile planets and destroy the enemies!

Control AVARC-1, a remotely controlled vehicle send to hostile planets. Visit different worlds to fight with number of dangerous and unpredictable creatures.

  • visit beautiful words, designed with focus on details and stunning graphics
  • engage into combat with various of completely different, designed from scratch enemies
  • find and use different, upgradable weapons – each of them is completely unique and behaves differently

Start your adventure now! Download from Google Play and play!


Without any warning, one day we all woke up and saw several alien machines of an unidentified purpose hovering over The Earth. They did not attempt to communicate with us  nor directly attacked us. We have almost got accustomed to our ‘visitors’ and started feeling comfortable.

We were wrong, so wrong… Some time past and we realized what is going on – our ‘neighbors’ are very slowly but globally and continuously stealing energy from the Earth – from plants, from light, from cars, from batteries, from everything.

Another long period of time passed and we finally realized there is no way we know how to stop them, convince or destroy. We were completely hopeless waiting from the end of our civilization.

Little, tiny hope came when we discovered their home planets. We could not send troops but we managed to send there just one, remotely controlled vehicle – most advanced military machine we have every created in the history of humanity – AVARC-1.

Now, you are the one chosen to be the driver, controller and solder with the only goal of destroying our invaders home…