Little Journeys Closed Testing

Quick setup

For those who just want to start the fun 😉

  1. Provide your Google account email address by sending your request to You can also DM me on Discord or Reddit.

  2. Access the game using the following link on your mobile device (it will open Google Play store):
    Little Journeys alpha on Google Play

  3. Install and become the pioneer! Enjoy and let me know what you think!


First of all – thank you for deciding to support me with developing the Little Journeys game. Developing an indie game is a lot of fun and satisfaction, but at the same time, requires a lot of effort and patience too.

I’ve been working on this project for 3 years (part-time) and I strongly believe I am ready to share the result with you. I appreciate a lot you decided to dedicate some of your time into Little Journeys game.

I am pretty convinced the game is stable, so you will find pleasure and fun playing, despite the fact it’s an alpha version. All features and levels are already available (I did not introduce any restrictions to the alpha version). My only request to you is to share with me any feedback coming to your mind about problems you found, potential improvements etc.

I promise I will respond to each suggestion/comment you share.

Thank you!


Closed testing is a Google Play feature, which allows developers to release alpha version of an application to a limited number of registered players who can access the game on Google Play like any other application.

To get the access you need to provide your email address associated with you Google account, so I can register it. Best way to do it is just to send me an email to with a simple “alpha testing request” subject (but you can DM me on Reddit, Discord or any other way too). Once it happens you can access the game via this link on your mobile device (Google Store will be launched).

Your feedback

Your voice and impression from the gameplay is the key!

Whatever way is the most convenient for you to contact me with your feedback is fine, however the following communication channels are preferred:

  • Join my Discord server – it’s very convenient way to share feedback since both: your comments and my responses are visible to others players. It also – on occasion – helps me to build the Simdin community of players :), which obviously matters a lot.

  • Provide feedback directly via the Google Play store (your rating and comment for alpha version is visible only to me, not public)

  • Send me an email with your comment to:

As I mentioned earlier I am not working on this project full-time, hence it may happen i respond to you with a delay, but – anyway – I will get back to you for sure.

Release notes

Version 1.05

  • Early Access version (open testing beta)
  • No more updates for Closed Testing
  • Missions selection menu: made final (3-11) mission visible on the map (Ice)
  • Final awards tuning
  • several minor improvements and fixes

Version 1.04

  • fixes in achievements logic
  • improved levels loading performance
  • most recently played mission is stored
  • last mission (3-10) does not crash anymore, so the hidden mission is available
  • store: replaced items count with a ‘tick’ for those items which can only be one
  • missions selection: introduced mission numbers instead
  • disabled ADs for first 3 missions
  • added respawn feature after a crash (for AD watching)
  • store: items get activated also on a TAP (not swipe only)
  • introduced an option to rotate phone by 180°
  • other minor improvements and fixes

Version 1.03

  • graphical improvements in CLIFF missions
  • gameplay hints (displayed at the beginning of a mission) are in a context of missions already accomplished
  • improved gameplay hints logic
  • sunset timer – added tick-tock sound indicating last 10 sec.
  • added dynamic hint informing, that only 1 passenger can be boarded at once
  • passenger drop-off and pick-up distances adjusted
  • UI buttons gives visual feedback on tap (changes size a bit)
  • more readable data-bar hints (added white background)
  • improved minimap readability (decreased flags transparency)
  • added a few additional gameplay hints
  • improved water mechanics (blimp dips in the water just a bit and crashes on hit)
  • tutorial improvements
  • decreased slightly ADs frequency on a mission launch
  • very significantly decreased ADs frequency on mission restart (after crash or on demand)
  • Enabled full-screen mode, the Android control bar (home, back etc.) disappears
  • sounds improvements (volume adjustments)
  • obstacles improvements (so blimps doesn’t get stuck i.e. in trees, nor can fly through caves 😉 )
  • other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.02

  • improved passenger destination flag (added colored flag symbol), inactive passenger icon fades out
  • increased blimp durability
  • added secret menu for testers (allows to adjust blimp durability)

Version 1.01

  • Added debug screen for support purposes.
  • Added auto-pilot preventing from flying too far from the main land
  • Added hints here and there
  • Improved tutorial mission (01-01)
  • Improved mission loading time
  • Improved steering/control (speed, torque, durability tuning etc.)
  • Improved sounds and music
  • Improved: auto-lander perk handles windy weather too
  • Fix: ‘remove-ads’ in-game store product not disabling ads.
  • Fix: main-menu: overlapping icons (left-top corner)
  • Fix: pausing game slows down the game instead of freezing it
  • Fix: after crash game slows down
  • Fix: store: ‘buy’ button caption with overlapping letters (currency symbol issue)
  • Fix: main-menu/settings – disabling music fades out music much faster
  • Fix: text spelling/grammar corrections
  • Graphical fixes/improvements in first 10 missions (remaining missions in the next update)
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Version 1.00

First version released, ready for Closed testing (alpha).

My Appreciation

Playing a good game – assuming Little Journeys is one of them 😉 – is undoubtedly a fun but playing an alpha version and finding some time to share feedback with the developer is another story and requires much more of a good will. I do recognize this effort, appreciate and am very grateful for your contribution.

This is why I would like to show my gratitude to those of you who decided to put some effort into the alpha version.

If you provide valuable feedback, which ends up being implemented in the game, I will put your name in the game credits (within the game itself and on the Simdin web site) for some time after the public release (only if you care about it, and only with your consent of course). I would like also to give you an in-game gift in the shape of a promo code for ‘no-ads’ product. It basically means you can remove ADs from the game for free. ‘No-ads’ will stay with you forever and will work also when the public/production version of the game gets released. Enjoy!