The game has been released on Google Play! Don’t wait – download it now! It’s free to play!

Open Beta!

We have published the game on Google Play! It’s still ‘open beta’ but you can download it without any limits, play with it and give us some feedback (if you only can). Wait for final release – it’s coming!

Facebook, Twitter

We’ve just published our Facebook Site and Twitter…. look for it in the footer of this page! See you there!

We’re starting!

After four years, full of tears, frustration and unbelievable joy, we are so excited to say that we started to… see light in the tunnel 🙂 Yeah, we’re not publishing the game yet, but we believe we have enough to show what we’ve done so far and ask for your early feedback 🙂


Oh, right – you’re asking when are we actually releasing the game. Hm… honestly – no idea! Really… we don’t want to lie… but… this year maybe? Yeah… this year is possible.